Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday and the cars

Today is a day I have been preparing for.

I have had a long standing offer to take a friend to get her driver's license.
She HAD it, but lost it, and it's a long story that I still don't totally understand but ANYWAY in order to get a replacement, she has to take a driving test.

SO she is going to use my car fo rthe test, and as the owner, I have to be there and SO I am voluntarily going to the DMV with a friend, on the last day of the month. Because no one will be there renewing licenses and registration on the last day of the month that said documents are due to expire. No one. (hahahahahaha)

I am The Best Friend Ever.

So after we take care of that little chore (and I am sure she will pass the test handily) we have to deal with MY car issues. Like getting my safety inspection and renewing my registration.

Because like I said, no one EVER waits till the last day of the month to take care of those things. That would be silly.

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