Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And away we go

OK, so to recap:

Yesterday wasn't the first day of the rest of my life because it was only a half day, which I wasted by having a bloody mary right at the very beginning, leaving me completely useless for the rest of the day - and ornery to boot.

But TODAY. Oh, today. Today Is It.

I am on track to have an epic day in terms of clearing out this house. 6 hours of unencumbered, uinterrupted quiet, all the better to purge and reflect and decide and purge again.

Here is my rule of thumb:
If I wouldn't pack it and pay to ship it back to the mainland, it's going in the yard on Saturday.

Harsh, I know. But I think that's the only way to have an effective yard sale. You have to be ruthless. Cold hearted. Completely without emotion. And money hungry. That doesn't hurt. In the past, I have pussy-footed around selling things. "I might need that", I would think. And then
I'd end up not getting rid of all of the stuff I really NEED to get rid of.

And yes, Trippy, we did just have a yard sale last year. And I was a big, fat pussy and didn't even go in the attic for that one. That was a fraud of a yard sale. I mean, I didn't even rent tables ! That sale totally didn't even count. This one is going to be EPIC.

So, here's to you, mommies at home. Let's throw everything in the front yard, and start fresh !

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