Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Drink Recipe #2 The Outlaw

The Outlaw - also known as the "two-fer". An eggnog latte - with a kick

2 shots of espresso
2 shots eggnog
2 shots liquor of choice (or whatever you can find in the cabinet....holidays are like that.)

(Bonus - When you get to the mall on Black Friday, you can get an eggnog latte at any coffee bar, and then whip out your flask and doctor it up into the Outlaw [and thus the drink title's origin] before starting your holiday shopping. You didn't hear this from me.)

You're welcome.

Holiday Drink recipe #1 - The In-law

The In-law

equal parts chai tea and eggnog, with a floater of dark rum

Chai because you can bring a carton of it with you for every holiday event. Eggnog because it's the holidays, goddammit. Rum, because obviously.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things mommy should have been doing, but didn't

THIS would be a much more interesting topic to explore, then what I actually did today.

Today mommy did not do any of the things on her to do list. Mommy worked, then watched a movie, then went to a wine tasting.

Chateau Ste. Michele has some lovely offerings. I particularly enjoyed their Syrah.

Tonight for dinner:
Shortribs, tomato and mozzarella salad, and golden potatos.

I marinated the shortribs in a blend of leftover coffee, teriyaki sauce, garlic, and a can of Coconut Porter for a few hours. The potatos were yukon golds, cut up and fried with lots of sea salt and ground pepper. The tomatos and mozzarella and basil were all fresh and fragrant and full of yumminess.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What is mommy doing on Thursday ?

Mommy is cleaning out the car today. Removing the bits of crayons, shreds of paper, unidentifiable sticky things, and bits and pieces of toys we probably already threw out.

For dinner? Tonight mommy is making chicken katsu and edamame. We're going ethnic, baby !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What HAS been mommy doing?

Mommy went to visit Grandmommy. Didn't we have fun ? That time difference sure made for some challenging nights of jetlag. And some very late starts in the morning. It was exciting to sleep until almost noon, wasn't it ?! We should do that more often.

OK, so now that mommy is back home, back on track, and back to work, mommy is going to change things up here at What's Mommy Doing.

Mommy is going to tell you what's on her to do list, and she is going to tell you what's for dinner.
Maybe that way, you'll stop asking, hmmmm?

So, today mommy washed all of our dirty clothes, and sticky halloween costumes.
Tonight mommy is making meatloaf for dinner. Mmmmmmm.

Mommy's Mexican Meatloaf

ground turkey
ground beef
sausage meat (chorizo)
special spices, sauces and other secret ingredients

Mix well, shape into a "loaf" and bake in the over at 375.