Saturday, August 29, 2009

The "I'm Not Bringing it Back Inside so Make an Offfer" sale wrap up

Alright, so I said, over and over again, that I would not bring anything back in the house after the sale.

I lied.

Okay ? Are you happy ? I lied. I brought stuff back inside because no one was even vaguely interested, and I am going to try to sell these items on Craigslist this week before I give up. I only brought in stuff that I know is worth something more then $.25 which is remarkably the price many people seem to think you should sell things at during a yard sale.

"How much is this brand new video camera"
"Well, we never used it. Make me an offer."
"I'll give you $.25"
Which is when I picked up the camera and took it inside.

I brought it out later, and someone DID buy it. And not for $.25 I actually held out for $.75. I am such a ball-buster.

No, seriously, we sold a ton of stuff. We still have some big ticket items left, which I listed on Craigslist immediately after the sale, and now it is all back on the porch, ready to be tucked away for just a few more days.

And I have a party tonight, and work tomorrow, and then Monday - MONDAY - I have all sorts of fun things planned with my friend Willow. I'll also have pictures.

See you then !

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