Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all in the details

Today mommy is going to sit down with her calendar and blackberry and notepad and get organized.

This year, mommy has vowed that you will not arrive for school photo day in a ratty black t-shirt with a skull on the front that your uncle sent and that you refused to take off for 3 weeks straight.

Mommy is also taking note of field trips, and days when you will not eat what the cafeteria's got cookin'.

In addition, mommy will set up reminders for birthdays, special occasions, and fun community events - because when you cried over missing the waterslide on Sunday, she did feel bad....for a minute. But only for a minute because technically, daddy was home with you and mommy was at work, so it wasn't something mommy was really thinking about. BUT if it had been set up with a reminder in her phone, she could have called your daddy and given HIM a guilt trip en route to work, just like you laid on mommy today. Good work baby, mommy taught you everything you know. You done mommy proud.

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