Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It takes two to make a thing go right

Today mommy is going to do something that you will think is AWESOME but that in reality, could very well be an enormous mistake.

Mommy is going to go find a friend for Boston at the pound.

Because Boston is lonely with everyone at school all day, and mommy can't sit in the front yard comforting him for 6 hours. The whimpering is making her crazy. Since you are happier when you have someone to play with, mommy is hoping Boston feels the same.

When mommy went to the pound a few days ago with Boston looking for a buddy, Boston got his head humped frantically by a potential playmate, and mommy went home to think about it some more. Mommy thinks Boston needs a friend that won't hump his head all the time, so we're going to get a puppy.

Mommy is clearly losing her mind.

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