Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What HAS been mommy doing?

Mommy went to visit Grandmommy. Didn't we have fun ? That time difference sure made for some challenging nights of jetlag. And some very late starts in the morning. It was exciting to sleep until almost noon, wasn't it ?! We should do that more often.

OK, so now that mommy is back home, back on track, and back to work, mommy is going to change things up here at What's Mommy Doing.

Mommy is going to tell you what's on her to do list, and she is going to tell you what's for dinner.
Maybe that way, you'll stop asking, hmmmm?

So, today mommy washed all of our dirty clothes, and sticky halloween costumes.
Tonight mommy is making meatloaf for dinner. Mmmmmmm.

Mommy's Mexican Meatloaf

ground turkey
ground beef
sausage meat (chorizo)
special spices, sauces and other secret ingredients

Mix well, shape into a "loaf" and bake in the over at 375.

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